Why is Alexa rank important?

On 22 January 2018

In simple words, Alexa.com and Similarweb.com allow other people to understand the estimated traffic your website has easily.
That may be helpful when a potential advertiser, client, or partner wants to check out your site for possible cooperation.

The better rank you have, the more trustful your site appears. If, for example, you are a blogger and you want people to believe that your blog is a popular one and has many readers, then the blog should have quite a good Alexa rank. The same goes if you are an e-commerce,
business or any other kind of internet service.

By default, all Alexa’s ranks are estimated, which means that Alexa doesn’t actually know exactly how much traffic you have since this information is private. Only you have access to it, so it uses many different publicly accessible metrics to guess a probable traffic volume your site may have.
Since Alexa keeps its algorithms secret, we can only assume that such metrics would be backlinks, banners, paid advertisements, search engine positions in different keywords, etc. Unfortunately, it is a massive amount of information and cannot be processed fast, so Alexa rank may take months to update.
Some insights on the algorithm are revealed in the Alexa.com blog: How are Alexa’s traffic rankings determined?
Also, many users have the Alexa bar extension installed in their browsers, and this extension sends some traffic information. Still, obviously, it is not enough to measure all the websites on the internet. So our humble advice is to install Alexa’s bar extension to help a little to your website to rank higher.

It is important to understand that Alexa cannot know when you purchase traffic because it is private information, so you need somehow inform Alexa about it. The only way to do it is to get your website certified on Alexa.com. We recommend reading their official article about the Top 5 Benefits of Alexa Certified Metrics.
Once your website is certified and you installed their traffic counter on all the pages, all the traffic starts being counted, and almost always, your rank starts growing pretty fast.
By the date when this article was written, the minimum price of Alexa Certified Rank was $19.99 per month with a free 7 days trial period.

Our services can be used to improve your Alexa rank. If your website has Alexa Rank Certified, then you can use any traffic packages we offer. However, we recommend opting for Alexa Bar traffic since it is expected to work better with Alexa Rank.
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Similarweb.com works almost the same way as Alexa and is used for the same purposes. You can also get your statistics certified there simply by connecting your Google Analytics to your account there.