What to do if your subscription got declined because of the India RBI changes?

On 06 October 2021

The new ruling from India’s central bank took many by surprise, and many are still unprepared for it.
We believe that it is beneficial for India in the long term but may create some chaos in a short period after it takes effect.

In simple words, if you are from India, you need to confirm every credit/debit card subscription using your mobile phone. Something to what many of our European clients got used to a long time ago.

The good news is that with SparkTraffic, you do not need to do much.
If your subscription was created after the RBI change has taken place, you already have everything covered. All our payment processing partners have complied with the new law.

The only inconvenience may happen when you created the subscription sometime before. The old subscriptions may indeed stop working and generate declined payments. In this case, you need to stop the old subscription and create a new one.
We always recommend benefiting from our promos and a -40% discount for purchases of 12 credits. So, in this uncertain time, please stock up the discounted credits, they will not expire, and you can use them any time in the future.

In case of any questions, do please contact with our customer support.