Upgrade your projects to traffic with Alexa Bars enabled

On 12 September 2017

There is now an option to upgrade it to 100% Alexa Bar traffic for any economy traffic project.

It means that we will deliver the same amount of traffic you ordered, but every visit will be only from browsers where Alexa Bar is installed so that you will see your Alexa rank increasing.

It is a good option if you don’t have your website’s traffic certified in Alexa, and therefore Alexa is not counting your traffic at all. However, if you have your traffic certified in Alexa, you can still use normal Economy traffic packages with no Alexa Bars.

To upgrade, head over to your project’s page in your member area and click on the Upgrade button. To upgrade, you need to have a credit with Alexa. They all cost 2x time price for the same amount of traffic as a normal Economy credit.

And just a quick note that if you also want your SimilarWeb ranking to increase with our traffic, simply register your Google Analytics account there. Your ranking will be increased there as well.