Returning Visitors feature for your traffic

On 01 August 2017

We’re delighted to present the new feature already available on your project’s settings page: Return Visitors ratio.

You can choose for your traffic how much of it will contain the visitors that have already been to your website.

Returning Visitors make the traffic look more natural like your customers keep coming back to you.

It’s quite hard to say what value is the best for your particular website. Values usually range from 20% to 40%. Online services like ours that have visitors coming back to check statistics or make changes in the admin panel have a higher percentage of comebacks. Content sites like blogs have it lower since most visitors come from Google just to read an article.

If you have doubts, just set it to 30%. Every value will be better than 0%.

We should admit that implementing such a feature costs us quite much time and work, and we haven’t found a precise solution. The actual value of Returning Visitors you will see in your Google Analytics may be different from the setting you have in your project. If you set 50% and receive 65%, simply reduce the setting by 5% until Google Analytics reaches the desired 50%.

We will continue working on it to deliver better results, and for now, we can only recommend keeping an eye on the setting and statistics and adjust it accordingly.