New prices for Alexa traffic

On 23 August 2017

We are still beating all our rivals with our meager prices for the traffic, and we are delighted to announce new and even lower prices for the Alexa ranking traffic packages.

Don’t forget that Alexa can only notice any new traffic coming(not just ours but in general) when you have your traffic statistics certified.

To read more about the benefits of the Alexa’s traffic certification please proceed here, information about the certification process can be found here.

At this moment, Alexa is asking for a $20 per month subscription for its certified rank. We require you to have this subscription for us to guarantee your rank.

After you have your metrics certified, there is a 21 days period when Alexa gathers your traffic data, and only after the 21 days are you allowed to switch your rank from Estimated to Certified. Keep in mind that only Certified rank actually shows the traffic.

We guarantee that you will achieve all the purchased ranks in 1 month. In case we fail, we simply refund you your payment according to the missed rank.

For custom rank quotes(5000, 1000…), don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected]

You can make your Alexa rank purchase in your member area