New Max Credits Size

On 11 March 2021

Get Up To 10 000 000 Page Views

From A Single Project!

A single Max credit will allow you to create a project with an estimate of around
up to 10 000 000 hits per month

up to 3 333 333 unique visitors

  • Up to 5 minutes visit on every page
  • Night and Day traffic volume change
  • Day of Week traffic volume change
  • Automatically sync your URLs with RSS or Sitemap
  • Countries, Cities and States Geo-Targeting
  • Up to 11 pages per visit
  • 24/7 Email/Chat customer support

The price for an Economy project is just $699.99 per month.

The price for a Professional project with unique residential IPs is just $1399.98 per month.

You can purchase one in your member area: Guaranteed Traffic -> Buy New Credit link.