New Alexa Rating Packages

On 27 May 2017

As quite a big part of our clients use our services to increase their Alexa ratings, we decided to introduce new packages based not on traffic but on Alexa rating the traffic will provide.

The main difference from the normal packages is that we don’t have any service level agreement on how many hits or visitors we will deliver to your website. However, we will adjust the traffic amount to guarantee the Alexa rating. So we may, in fact, deliver more traffic than you could have purchased with normal tariffs, and also, the traffic may be less.

The upside of the new packages is that we allow you to ask for a refund if your rating hasn’t met the guaranteed level. We will calculate the missing difference and will return your money in proportion to it.

For example, your site at the beginning of the month had a rank of 800.000, and you had ordered a 499.999+ package. If your site had just 600.000 ranks at the end of the month, you are eligible for a refund of (499.999-600.000)/(499.999-800000) = 33% of the payment.

If your site receives a higher than guaranteed ranking, you don’t have to pay anything more. Instead, it’ll be free of charge.

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