How to set up Campaigns in Google Analytics?

On 15 May 2018

For some of our customers, SparkTraffic is not the only source of traffic, and they face the challenge of understanding what part of their website’s traffic was from us and what from some other sources.

Especially for this purpose, in Google Analytics, you may use UTM parameters in the URLs, and Google Analytics will automatically create Campaigns. It will be showing all the traffic sources separately from each other.

To start using Campaigns, you need to add some text to your website’s link, for example:
Here we see 3 parameters:

  • utm_campaign: Your personally chosen name of the campaign you’re running for this traffic source, it can be or it can be the name of your project for example
  • utm_source: The name of the traffic source, you can use other website’s name, affiliate program etc.
  • utm_medium: Here you are expected to put the medium of the advertising, for example: Banner, Text Ad etc.

Keep in mind that we ask you to put the parameters in all the URLs in your project for the traffic to be tracked correctly.

After all the traffic has started going to the new URLs, Google Analytics will be showing the Campaigns in the Acquisition > Campaigns section that you can access via its main menu.