How to increase your local Alexa Rank?

On 20 June 2018

At SparkTraffic, we sell Alexa Rank packages, but they work only for global Alexa Rank. Local Alexa Rank is more difficult to control because doesn’t provide enough information via its API to automatically control the traffic volume needed to reach the target rank.
That is why the client should control the local Alexa Rank manually, and we cannot provide any estimates of how much traffic one needs to send to reach any particular local rank.

To manually control the amount of traffic, we have normal traffic packages and so-called “+Alexa” packages, for example, 1 000 000 hits Ultimate+Alexa package.

As we explained in Why is Alexa rank important? Article Alexa doesn’t actually count any real traffic unless you have activated Alexa Rank Certified for your website. The same happens with the Local Alexa Rank.

Summarizing everything from above, here are the minimal steps you need to take to improve your local Alexa Rank:

  • • Activate Alexa Rank Certified at
  • • Install Alexa’s traffic counter on every page of your website
  • • Choose and purchase +Alexa package in your member area, we recommend to choose the biggest you can afford because Alexa usually show less traffic than Google Analytics
  • Create a project in your member area and choose only the country you need the rank from
  • • Wait 21 days period in order to be able to switch your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified
  • • Log into your Alexa account and switch your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified in your project’s settings

So the minimum period to see any improvements in your Local Alexa Rank is 21 days but make sure to start the traffic coming from the very first day as even though you won’t see any changes in the first days, Alexa, in fact, is already counting the traffic but doesn’t show it.