How to deal with very large amounts of traffic

On 02 April 2018

Before today, the largest project we could offer to our clients was Ultimate(1 000 000 hits per month). Some of our clients who needed larger traffic for a single website were in a quite inconvenient situation dealing with multiple same projects.

From now on, Ultimate projects can be upgraded to 2x Ultimate, then to 3x Ultimate, etc., with no actual limit on the size.
Keep in mind that you cannot mix different sizes in the same projects. For example, it is impossible to raise Ultimate to Ultimate+Medium. You can get only multiple Ultimates.

Ultimate’s upgrade process works the same way as any other upgrade. You head over to your project’s settings page in your member area and click on the “2x Ultimate” upgrade button in the top section.

Needless to say, that 2x Ultimate project receives 2x more traffic(2 000 000 hits per month).

Each Ultimate’s upgrade action consumes 1 Ultimate credit. The expiration date increases according to the size you’ve already had at the moment of the upgrade. For example, upgrading 1x Ultimate to 2x consumes 1 Ultimate credit and extends the expiration date for 15 days, upgrading 2x Ultimate to 3x consumes 1 Ultimate credit and extends the expiration date for 10 days, etc.
You can see the calculation in your project’s settings page when you hover your mouse over the upgrade button.