Day and Night Traffic Volume Change

On 22 June 2017

As being the most advanced traffic generator on the market we continue developing new awesome features that are available for you for free.
We are delighted to present you automatic Time of Day traffic volume change:

Simply choose your website’s timezone in your project’s settings page and we will be changing the traffic speed gradually from -85% deep in night to +70% in day time peak hours.
The daily amount of traffic you will be receiving with this feature turned on is absolutely the same, the median will be at 9am your local time.
The spread you can see on this graph below:

We recommend to have it turned on for all or your projects since it makes the traffic profile look more natural and costs nothing to you, just be advised that in some hours you may receive too few traffic and in some hours it can almost double, so prepare your hosting.

The only limit this feature has is that your project should be a Medium, Large or Ultimate one. If your size is too small we simply may not have sufficient amount of traffic in low hours to balance it correctly and your daily traffic volume may become slightly unpredictable.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.