Create White Label Traffic Reseller Websites

On 14 April 2020

Today we have made public the feature we have been working on the last months: White Label websites with our payment processing.
We have already had a fully white-label traffic reseller script that should be hosted fully on your server, and you take care of all the support and payments. But for many of our clients, the solution is too heavy despite the flexibility it delivers.

From now on, you can activate your own traffic reseller website right from your member area at SparkTraffic. You can see this section in the left menu.
The key feature is that your front end is being kept untouched. Almost no changes are required. We only add the member area to your subdomain.
For example, our own website works using the same scheme. You can see that the main website is just a static website, and when you try to log into your member area, you get redirected to that has all the tools to manage your traffic projects.

So we offer now you make absolutely the same, add a link to to the main menu of your own website, and you will have a member area for your clients.
When someone makes a purchase, you will automatically get an affiliate commission from it, but you do not have to worry about customer support, payment gateways, traffic generation, etc. We take care of all the boring stuff.

For emails, we have an integration with Mailgun. It proved to be a reliable transactional emails provider.

The service cost is $99.99 per month that can be waived once your website makes more than $1000 in sales per month.
We also require that you link to our website on all of your pages to make it clear that we process the orders from your website.
And because of the legal limitations, we cannot offer our PayPal account for payment processing, but we can connect to your PayPal account, or you can use our fully white-label traffic reseller script.