Campaign parameters in your project

On 19 June 2019

One of the most convenient ways to distinguish different traffic sources is to use Campaigns in Google Analytics. That is the advice we usually give to our customers when they ask us how much traffic they receive from us if there is already traffic coming to their websites.

Did we cover a similar topic a year ago in the article How to set up Campaigns in Google Analytics?

You do not need to add the UTM parameters manually to all your URLs, you can put the ones you need in your project, and we will automatically add them to your URLs. If you already have any of the UTM parameters in your existing URLs, they will be replaced with those in your project.

You can use any values you want with up to 64 characters in length. This feature is available only for Professional projects.
That’s an easy and convenient way to keep our traffic apart from other traffic in your Google Analytics.