Using to track traffic

On the 25 March 2021

As shorteners’ statistics are no longer publicly accessible many of our clients have been asking us to allow them to track our traffic in Since this moment in all the Professional projects, you can put your link into the Shortener field and it will work as best as a one. To… Read More

New Max Credits Size

On the 11 March 2021

Get Up To 10 000 000 Page Views From A Single Project! A single Max credit will allow you to create a project with an estimate of around up to 10 000 000 hits per month up to 3 333 333 unique visitors Up to 5 minutes visit on every page Night and Day traffic… Read More

Create White Label Traffic Reseller Websites

On the 14 April 2020

Today we have made public the feature we have been working on the last months: White Label websites with our payment processing. We have already had fully white label traffic reseller script that should be hosted fully on your server and you take care of all the support and payments. But for many of our… Read More

Automatic Traffic Volume Change by Current Day of Week

On the 02 February 2020

More than 2 years ago we added Day and Night Traffic Volume Change to the available traffic settings. Today we have enriched it with automatic traffic volume change by current Day of Week. Using the setting your project will automatically adjust its traffic volume depending on what day today is, you will get more traffic… Read More

Projects from just 20 hits/per day

On the 08 November 2019

We have lowered the minimum amount of traffic we can send per project down to just 20 hits per day for a Mini project from the previous 200 hits/day limit. Also the adjustment step has been decreased to the same 20 hits/day, so you can gradually increase the traffic volume using 20, 40, 60 …… Read More

SparkTraffic’s own Android App

On the 30 October 2019

Create and manage all your project, control traffic, make payments and use all the features of right in your Android mobile phone. Don’t forget to leave us a review which would be very much appreciated. Download Now!

Campaign parameters in your project

On the 19 June 2019

One of the most convenient ways to distinguish different traffic sources is to use Campaigns in Google Analytics. That is the advice we usually give to our customers when they ask us how to know how much traffic they receive from us if there is already traffic coming to their websites. We have covered a… Read More

Random session time for your project

On the 27 May 2019

A new feature is now available in the member area: we’ve added an option to randomize the time on page. By enabling the randomization each period of time between the page views will be random but always around the specified time on page. For example, if you have time on page 1 minute in your… Read More

Is Hiring a Traffic Company AdSense Safe?

On the 25 November 2018

Are your metrics not quite up to scratch? Or perhaps your traffic growth has been disappointingly slow? A traffic company is a great way to correct those problems… but it’s not always that simple. What you might not realize is that many traffic companies use practices that violate the terms of service you signed when… Read More

How to use shorteners with Geo targeting?

On the 18 November 2018

We have just introduced new feature for our Professional packages clients: shorteners( and other redirects) in your projects. If you specify a shortener url in your project’s settings page all the traffic will go first there and only after to the other URLs you have in your project. As shorteners require unique IPs traffic for… Read More

Does Automated Traffic Really Impact Rankings?

On the 15 November 2018

With the average Google Ads campaign costing upwards of $1 per click, the daunting goal of improving a site’s ranking can be awfully discouraging. Add to that the facts that your ad campaign must be laser-targeted, and regularly babysat and optimized, and you may begin to wonder how it’s even possible to get your site… Read More

5 User Experience Factors that May be Impacting Your Website Traffic

On the 09 November 2018

According to research, someone visiting your site will make a subliminal judgment about if they like or dislike your page within one-twentieth of a second. This means you have to get it right. There is a wide array of factors that can affect how your site ranks in Google, along with other search engines. Proper… Read More

Why Does Your Website Have Such a High Bounce Rate?

On the 08 November 2018

Are you worried that the bounce rate for your site is too high? As a general rule, a bounce rate above 40% suggests that there’s room for improvement, while a bounce rate above 70% means that there’s a serious problem. If only a small percentage of visitors to your site decides to stick around, you’re… Read More

Why it’s important to Geo Target your Traffic

On the 31 October 2018

When it comes to buying website traffic online, it’s tempting to think that any traffic will do. After all, if you’re looking to grow your website and increase your Alexa ranking, surely it’s the volume of traffic that matters, rather than where it’s from, right? Wrong. Geo targeting is extremely important when it comes to… Read More

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Traffic Bot Company

On the 27 October 2018

Looking to boost your online traffic today? Beware of popular business owner pitfalls and get the most out of the company you hire. Find out what you need to bring growth to your website and how to find a company made to suit your business needs. Here are five things you should look for when… Read More

What Is Alexa Rank And Why Is It Important ?

On the 20 October 2018

We all love to compare and measure the success of our websites; there’s something addictive about checking to see how your website is doing versus your competitors. Your Alexa ranking is one way to achieve that. Alexa (owned by Amazon) is an analytics company that provides free and paid tools for webmasters, including keyword research,… Read More

Traffic for Histats, Yandex.Counter, Comscore, Local Alexa and others

On the 29 September 2018

99% of our clients use Google Analytics to count the traffic and since we have such a big demant for this traffic counter we provide 100% guarantee that you will see all the traffic parameters you have in your project’s settings in your own Google Analytics acocunt. However we are currently noticing a trend of… Read More

How to change your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified

On the 20 June 2018

Even if you subscribed to Alexa Rank Certified and installed the Alexa counter code on all the pages still shows your Estimated rank by default. Estimated rank is actually just a random number as their blog states: “We do not receive enough data from our sources to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful”, in… Read More

How to increase your local Alexa Rank?

On the

At we sell Alexa Rank packages but they work only for global Alexa Rank. Local Alexa Rank is more difficult to control because doesn’t provide enough information via its API to automatically control the traffic volume needed to reach the target rank. That is why local Alexa Rank should be controlled manually by… Read More

How to visit random local and external links?

On the 20 May 2018

One of the recent major updates is 2 new macros that can be used in projects of the size of Ultimate and higher. Here’s an example: The macros should be put one per line, the same as any other url. {{RAND_LOCAL}} – Scans all the current page and chooses a random link on the same… Read More

How to set up Campaigns in Google Analytics?

On the 15 May 2018

For some of our customers is not the only source of traffic and they face a challenge of understanding what part of their website’s traffic was from us and what from some other sources. Especially for this purpose in Google Analytics you may use utm parameters in the urls and Google Analytics will automatically… Read More

New: Cities and States Geo Targeting

On the 09 April 2018

Apart from just Countries Geo Targeting from now on we allow target States and Cities. States targeting works in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, United States, Venezuela. To enable it head over to your project’s settings page and change Geo Targeting Type to States and choose one… Read More

How to deal with very large amounts of traffic

On the 02 April 2018

Prior to today the largest project we could offer to our clients was Ultimate(1 000 000 hits per month) and some of our clients who needed larger amounts of traffic for a single website were in a quite inconvenient situation dealing with multiple same projects. From now on Ultimate projects can be upgraded to 2x… Read More

How to get free traffic?

On the 24 February 2018

Traffic Bot provides to all the users a chance to get absolutely free 6000 hits(read here what a hit means) per month for almost any website. We only ask that the website is not an affiliate link, redirect, free or 3rd level domain nor it already exists in our database. For example if you or… Read More

Why is Alexa rank important?

On the 22 January 2018

In simple words as well as allow other people to easily understand the estimated traffic you website has. That may be helpful when a potential advertiser, client or partner wants to check out your site for a possible cooperation. The better rank you have the more trustful your site appears. If for example… Read More

Sessions, Users and Page Views – understanding the difference

On the 18 January 2018

Not understanding the difference between Sessions, Users and Page Views is actually the most common problem we stumble upon working with our clients.   What is Page Views(Hits)? A page view is a basic interaction with a website, it is a synonym for Hit. We use the term Hit to describe the sizes of our… Read More

White Label Traffic Reseller program’s Demo websites

On the 30 December 2017

We just put online new demo websites for our recently launched White Label Traffic Reseller program The traffic reseller script includes front end, clients’ member area and admin panel, everything is ready to work in fully automated mode including PayPal module, so your clients can pay online or apply for a free trial and the… Read More

Absolutely Free Traffic for your Website

On the 16 December 2017

We have a special Nano credit that allows you to create absolutely free project for your website. Nano credit gives you 6000 page views per month absolutely free, the only limit is that it cannot be renewed automatically, you need to renew manually and we don’t allow 3rd level domains, shorteners, adfly or any similar… Read More

Pay for the traffic in your local currency

On the 14 December 2017

We are delighted to inform you that now we support payments in 77 local currencies: AUD Australian dollar AZN Azerbaijani manat BAM Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible mark BDT Bangladeshi taka BGN Bulgarian lev BHD Bahraini dinar BOB Boliviano BRL Brazilian real CAD Canadian dollar CHF Swiss franc CLP Chilean peso CNY Chinese yuan COP Colombian… Read More

How to make Keywords coming from your local Google or Yahoo domain?

On the 11 December 2017

Our member area allows you to easily set up organic traffic using the Keywords field in your project’s settings page: Before proceeding we recommend to read our previous article on the Referrers field as Keywords and Referrers are two interdependent fields. Keywords show up in your Google Analytics using the Http-Referrer field that your browsers… Read More

How to use Referrers in your project?

On the 16 November 2017

Referrer(HTTP Referrer) is one of the parameters of any visitor coming to any website and it identifies from where the visitor came from in other words from what website it was referred to your website. For example, if a visitor came from Google to your website while searching for “Keyword” then its referrer would be… Read More

New Banners for our Resellers

On the 11 November 2017

You can find all the available banners in your Reseller Dashboard on the URL: The banners in the Resellers Dashboard already include your affiliate id, simply copy-paster the code into your website. Below are some of them:

Traffic only from ISP(Internet Service Providers)

On the 31 October 2017

Recently we have released a new major update and are proud to present ISP only traffic. Currently it is already available only for Indian traffic(no action required) and one by one we are adding new countries to this feature. ISP only traffic looks more natural, usually you can see dozens and hundreds of different internet… Read More

How to be a Traffic Reseller ?

On the 26 September 2017

Because of our the lowest prices on the market quite many of our customers resell our traffic to their own customers. We have 3 ways for the resellers to work with us: Affiliate, White-Label Manual and White-Label Automated. And in the last 2 of them of them you can have your own traffic reselling website… Read More

Upgrade your projects to traffic with Alexa Bars enabled

On the 12 September 2017

For any economy traffic project there is now an option to upgrade it to 100% Alexa Bar traffic. It means that we will deliver the same amount of traffic you ordered but every visit will be only from browsers where Alexa Bar is installed so that you will see your Alexa rank increasing. It is… Read More

New prices for Alexa traffic

On the 23 August 2017

We are still beating all our rivals with our extremely low prices for the traffic and we are delighted to announce new and even lower prices for the Alexa ranking traffic packages. Don’t forget that Alexa can only notice any new traffic coming(not just ours but in general) when you have your traffic statistics certified…. Read More

Cloning and archiving projects in your member area

On the 03 August 2017

For those of our clients who would like to have more traffic to their websites than our standard package offer we are delighted to introduce new features that are supposed to ease your work process. In your project’s settings page you can see now a button “Clone”, with it you can clone projects now. A… Read More

MENA countries aggregation

On the 02 August 2017

A small update for comfort of some of our customers. Now, if you focus the traffic on Arab speaking countries you can simply choose MENA as the region from where you want the traffic to come. The countries included in this aggregation are: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman,… Read More

Singapore Traffic is now available for Geo Targeting

On the 29 June 2017

We are delighted to include Singapore in the list of the countries for traffic geo targeting. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You can control the… Read More

Day and Night Traffic Volume Change

On the 22 June 2017

As being the most advanced traffic generator on the market we continue developing new awesome features that are available for you for free. We are delighted to present you automatic Time of Day traffic volume change: Simply choose your website’s timezone in your project’s settings page and we will be changing the traffic speed gradually… Read More

Keywords For Your Traffic

On the 14 June 2017

We’ve just added a new field in your project’s settings: Keywords You can add there one per line a list of keywords and the traffic will show up in your Google Analytics as it comes from Google with the specified keywords. Keep in mind that this feature works along with Referrers field, so each visit… Read More

Automatic URLs import from your Sitemap/RSS feed

On the 06 June 2017

Just to make your work easier and the traffic more natural we can automate URLs import into your projects. If for example you have a blog then you already should have a RSS Feed URL. In this case every time you have a new post in your blog the traffic will start coming there automatically… Read More

Pay for the traffic with a blog post

On the 05 June 2017

In case you have a blog on your website and you write on Marketing related topics we are proud to announce that we actually can give you free credits for traffic in exchange of an article with a mention of our services. Feel free to send us a proposition of an article with an explanation… Read More

Switzerland, Bangladesh and Turkmenistan Traffic added

On the 01 June 2017

We have just added 3 new countries for our Geo Targeted Traffic: Switzerland, Bangladesh and Turkmenistan. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You can control the… Read More

Returning Visitors feature for your traffic

On the

We’re delighted to present the new feature already available in your project’s settings page: Return Visitors ratio. You can choose for your traffic how much of it will contain the visitors that have already been to your website. Returning Visitors make the traffic look more natural, like your customers keep coming back to you. It’s… Read More

New Alexa Rating Packages

On the 27 May 2017

As quite a big part of our clients use our services with a purpose of increasing their Alexa ratings we decided to introduce new packages based not on traffic but on Alexa rating the traffic will provide. The main difference from the normal packages is that we don’t have any service level agreement on how… Read More

Multi Countries Choice For Your Geo Targeting

On the 07 May 2017

As many of you had asked us we have rolled out our recent software version to allow you to choose several countries and regions for one project. Simply make a click on the left list of countries to choose a new country for your traffic and click on the right list to remove a country… Read More

Greece Traffic is now available for Geo Targeting

On the 18 April 2017

We are delighted to include Greece in the list of the countries for traffic geo targeting. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You can control the traffic’s… Read More

Denmark Traffic is now available for Geo Targeting

On the 12 April 2017

We are delighted to include Denmark in the list of the countries for traffic geo targeting. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You can control the… Read More

Malaysian Traffic Is Now Available

On the 07 April 2017

Recently we have become stronger in Asia region, now we accept new clients for traffic from Malaysia. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You can control… Read More

New Country: United Arab Emirates Traffic

On the 05 April 2017

We are delighted to inform our clients that recently we have connected a new supplier of traffic from United Arab Emirates making traffic from this country stable and available in bigger volumes. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need… Read More

More Traffic From Australia

On the 31 March 2017

We have just connected a new traffic supplier from Australia to ensure more stable traffic flow from this country. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000 page views for just $9.9, if you need less traffic you can lower it down to 100-200 hits a day. You… Read More

New Traffic From Bosnia And Herzegovina

On the 27 March 2017

We are delighted to introduce you the new location for our website traffic: Bosnia And Herzegovina. It is the ideal solution for the website owners who want to promote their websites for the Bosnian audience and increase their ranks and metrics in Bosnia And Herzegovina. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount… Read More

Estonia is available to purchase traffic from

On the

We are delighted to introduce you the new location for our website traffic: Estonia. It is the ideal solution for the website owners who want to promote their websites for the Estonian audience and increase their ranks and metrics in Estonia. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is 60.000… Read More

New Targeted Traffic Location Added: Website Traffic From Sweden

On the 25 March 2017

We are delighted to introduce you the new location for our website traffic: Sweden. It is the ideal solution for the website owners who want to promote their websites for the Swedish audience and increase their ranks and metrics in Sweden. The minimum period to order is 1 month, the minimum amount to purchase is… Read More

Visa/Mastercard Cards Are Now Accepted

On the 22 March 2017

We are happy to announce that the credit/debit Visa and Mastercard cards are now accepted and you can purchase website traffic using them. Also just to remind we still accept PayPal, Bitcoin, Bank transfers and Webmoney. We automatically create a subscription and will charge your card once a month a few days prior to the… Read More

Bounce Rate Metric For Your Traffic

On the 09 February 2017

We are delighted to introduce the new field in your project’s settings: Bounce rate. Bounce rate is quite an important metric of the traffic of any website, it is the percentage of the visitors who leave the website after seeing only one page. Usually it shows the quality of the website and how its content is liked by… Read More

Accept-Language is now supported in the traffic

On the 20 January 2017

New feature is available for our traffic: you can set what languages the visitors’ browsers will support. So for example if you buy traffic from Spain and your website is in Spanish it would be very natural if your visitors spoke Spanish and in your project’s settings in the HTTP Accept-Language field you should put… Read More

Referrers Are Now Available For Targeted Traffic

On the 19 January 2017

Starting from today we allow you to choose where from would you like the traffic to come. In your project’s settings page you can see the new field Referrers that accepts a list of URLs one per line that will be used as the source for your targeted website traffic. If you want to see… Read More